an affair to remember...

it was hard to leave this kid.
i fell in SUCH love. just look at it!!!!!
oh myyyyy.

south philly

well hello there.

photo by Emily Glauginger
Philadelphia, PA

you never woke up to say hi.

10th and Dickinson

prime bird watchin...

spotted this kid on my ride to work one morning.
maybe that's not a good thing...riding my bike down 10th and spotting a kitty up high...is that normal? hahaha. anyway, this kid is so into bird watching.

10th Street


this is Lucky.

he's nice and big. and very handsome.
this guys family was outside when i took this pic. they thought it was funny that i had any interest in him. but they made their son tell me his name and why he was named that. ... so i guess Lucky here was found in a burned down house, and when the uncle picked him up he said "you're real LUCKY that you didn't die in this fire" ... ha. i love him. his family loves him too.

south philly somewhere


i love this kid face. ... .

it didn't much care about me, but don't you just love him?

passyunk, just south of all the cheesesteak places.
he hanthom.

philadelphia, pa

separate beds...

two cutes.

passyunk ave. ...
philadelphia, pa


scaredy cat

somone left, but wait.......

looked who popped their head back out...


passyunk ave
philadelphia, pa

those eyes...

this kid lives right across the street from owl kitty. can you believe it?
i love them.

10th street, a couple blocks north of washington
philadelphia, pa


good morning owl kitten.

love above photo so bad.

i "flashed" her so early in the morning, i was scared i woke the whole house up with how bright it was. don't you love her?

10th st, just north of Washington
Philadelphia, PA