she's a one eyed Dolly. yep.

oh i love her. bad.

photos by kenzaloo

you, my friend, are perfect!

the light and you.

photos by kenzaloo

yep, i see you.

kid, don't worry... i got you.

photos by kenzaloo


my goodness those eyes.

photos by kenzaloo

oh he's soooooo sleepy.


photo by amy marie tichenor
(thank you!!!)

oh hello there. ...

these photos were taken by Aimee LaBrie
she has a fun blog that's all about ... well, just check it out HERE!

thank you Aimee!!


ha, this guy doesn't care if it's spring or not.
i love him. so much.

photo by the one and only Chrissy Piper

reverse window kitty


photo by Nancy Trachtenberg


you know how in cartoons they always steal the pie that is cooling on the window sill?
i want to steal this pie.

photo by Tonya McAlpin


kids like you made it worth it.

thank you love face. thank you.

photos by kenzaloo

no no, don't get up.

oh kid. you're so cute.

photos by kenzaloo


"she wouldn't stop looking at my helmet"

her mouth cracks me up.

photos by Gerik Forston

just look at you.

photo by Tiffany Crisci

window doggie

so scary.

photo by Damon Massado

truck kitty

love this stare down.

photo by Cochran Lyle


i spy

south street
philadelphia, pa

photos by kenzaloo

oh wow. you're beautiful.

philadelphia, pa

photos by kenzaloo

s'cuse me.

photo by kenzaloo
philadelphia, pa