you flirt

photos by kenzaloo

oh you are so nice.

photos by kenzaloo

same kitty, caught by two gals.

photos by rebecca finkel

photos by kenzaloo

(i need a new camera bad!)


oh. you.

photos by kenzaloo


creepy. i love it.

photo by Lillian Hawkins
(thank you!)



can i have the trophy on the left?

i love this photo.

believe it or not, photo by kenzaloo

oh, i love you.

yep, and i think you love me too.

photos by kenzaloo


oh my oh my

they are in love.

photos by Tiffany Crisci


oh, excuse meeeee.

orangies, they get me every time.

photos by kenzaloo

looooook it's the MINI MOOOOONIE!!!!!!

FINALLY, one of our kitties makes the cut.

photos by kenzaloo

i love this picture.

and once again, i love this picture.
love always, mackenzie

haha photo by me

oh crap.

you nice

photos by kenzaloo

haha... found you.

even if you don't like me.
i do like you my friend.

photos by kenzaloo


oh my gooooooodness!!!!!

you kitty, you kill me.

photo by Chrissy Piper


oh man.

i think he made those signs. yes i do.
love love love

photo by Nancy Trachtenberg

dis is arthur. ... ...

"when we come home, he follows us up and watches us in the house."

i love him, and i love this picture.

photo by Tonya McAlpin