i love a orange man.


photos by kenzaloo


photos by kenzaloo

oh, hello..


south philly

photos by kenzaloo

so perfect.

west philly

photo by Zack Deluca
(his photos kill me every time)

french kitties!!!!!!

beautiful beautiful beautiful

photo by Hilary Short
(thank you!!!)

oh hen hen

beautiful pic.

New Hampshire

photo by Amy Richard

bat cat, cat bat

too good to be true.

photo by rebecca finkel

ghost cat

i love this.

photo by Rebecca Finkel


you talked and you talked and you talked to me.

oh this guy was so sweet to me.
just wanted to chat.

photos by kenzaloo

OH! well, hello.

what a face.

photos by kenzaloo

one weird lookin kitty.

love this.

photo by Doub Hanshaw