photos by Joanna Quigley "I was told he is a famous cat, people send him postcards from around the world! When you say hi to him he meows at you (but threw the glass it looks like a roar!). I was also told he sleeps on his back with his front paws together like he's praying!!! He lives on the east side of Hancock Street btwn 2nd and Front and Bainbridge and South"


photos by Mackenzie McAlpin

i'm terribly in love with this man.

photos by Mackenzie McAlpin
orange tabbies are one thing, but orange tabby kittens. ... COME ON!!!


what a gal.

photos by Mackenzie McAlpin
South Philly


photo by Carolyn Stillwell

good meownin'

photo and title by Sean O'Donnell
ugh, so good

oh, OH!

photo by Carolyn Stillwell