day and night

6th St., South Philadelphia
photos by Mackenzie McAlpin
photo by Lucia Thomé

two different of the same, both rad

 photo by Leslie Burnette

photo by Rich McIsaac


photo by Jen Dennis


photos by Alex Hanstein

oh goodness

video by Jason Andrew Turner


all photos by Niki Kelce, who runs Champion Dog Walking in Philadelphia. She's always posting the best photos on instagram! @nikkeleyes or follow her here: www.nikikelce.tumblr.com
photo by Alexandria

dang yer cute.

beautiful photos by Jon Duelks


golden cats

"Golden cats catch 
the sun as a latch
does catch on the door
where keys are no more" -Blodka Crenshaw

Photo and quote from Yianni Kourmadas

oh dear, these angels.

Dayton, OH
photo by Mitchell McAlpin


photo by Kelly Costella

Budapest kitty

photo by Mayuu Hayashi

"casual window kitty"

are you kidding me? this is incredible. this cat is living the life. hahaha

photo and title by Elizabeth Fiedler

haha, the face.

Queen Village, Philadelphia

photos by Mackenzie McAlpin

 South Philly

photos by Mackenzie McAlpin

a teeny tiny

photo by Elizabeth Fiedler

so many beauties.

South Philadelphia

all photos by Carolyn Stillwell