i can't wait for the warm weather kitties to be in windows again. ...

photos by kenzaloo

you happy.

photo by kenzaloo

oh fat kitty.

you are so nice.

photos by kenzaloo

oh hello.

west coast kitty.

photo by Thomas Anreise

NO! NO! and NO!

this pic alone, breaks me.

oh kittens, you're killing me.
i love you so.

photos by Ted Passon

perfectly put.

photo by Adrienne

happy holidays

just hangin with Frosty.

photo by Nancy Trachtenberg

he's so bad.

meet Meatball.
i love him.

photo by Bill McRight




oh she's beautious.

photos by kenzaloo



photos by kenzaloo

spotted you still kid. spotted you still.

photos by kenzaloo

oh kitty.

photos by kenzaloo

tired of fixin shoes.

oh and sir, you barely fit in that basket.

photo by Rebecca Finkel

and once again, miss finkel and i are on the same page.

photos by kenzaloo

and photos by Rebecca Finkel

p.s. this window is incredible!!!
thank goodness they have a kitty.